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VidAs is a newly formed bodega located in Asturias, in the Northwest part of Spain, where wines are produced under the DOP Cangas.


Wine has been produced in Cangas since the 10th century, initially by the monasteries in the area, and has been recognized as a quality wine producing area for ages.  However, due to coal mining in the region in the last part of the 20th century, most of the vineyards disappeared.  Production in the area has consistently increased over the last 15 years, though production is quite small relative to other wine regions in Spain or the rest of the world.


VidAs is a family project that pursues the conservation and development of viticulture in the southwestern part of our region, Asturias.



VidAs wines are produced from the endemic grape varieties of Asturias:  Albarín Blanco, Albarín Negro, Verdejo Negro and Carrasquin.  The area has a wet climate with moderate temperatures, which provide an Atlantic character to these wines, which are recognized as “High Mountain Wines”, or “Heroic Viticulture”, as the vineyards are very steep, with slopes over 30 degrees, and require all work to be done manually.  Only two other regions in Spain have this recognition: Ribeira Sacra in Galicia and Priorat in Catalunya.

Centro de Empresas OBANCA. Nave 3 C
Cangas del Narcea. ASTURIAS. SPAIN
Phone: (+34) 626.754.225

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